Record Sports Club

Record Sports Club

A sports club in Baku, Azerbaijan

Holding a joint meeting of the board and executive staff of the Record Club

Release date : 2021/04/06

The board and the executive and technical staff of the Record Club of the Republic of Azerbaijan in a joint meeting, while reviewing the goals and prospects of the club’s activities in the coming year, exchanged views on the club’s plans.

In this meeting, Reza Ebrahimi, the manager of Rekord Club, stated that the outbreak of Corona virus has caused heavy damage to the club’s programs in various dimensions: “Unfortunately, in the past year, we have faced a stagnation of activities in various sectors.”

Emphasizing that with the start of vaccination in different countries, there is hope to remove the restrictions in the coming months, he said: “In this regard, a variety of programs in various sectors, including military services, holding international coaching and training courses and a strong presence.” It has taken place in the sports leagues of Azerbaijan, especially football and futsal, which I hope we will be able to implement in the coming months.

At this meeting, some members of the board and the executive staff of the club expressed their views on the plans ahead and the approach of the club after Corona.

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