Record Sports Club

Record Sports Club

A sports club in Baku, Azerbaijan

Our goal is to gain an acceptable position in the Futsal Premier League

Release date : 2022/03/27

The director of the record club of the Republic of Azerbaijan, expressing satisfaction with his team’s performance in the Futsal Premier League, said: “We are trying to occupy an acceptable position in the standings at the end of the season.”
According to the record of the club’s public relations, Reza Ebrahimi added: The goal of the record club at the beginning of the season was to be among the contenders and reach the playoffs.
He continued: “Unfortunately, due to the separation of some players and the change of technical staff in the first half of the season and the occurrence of some problems, we have moved away from this goal. However, we try to occupy an acceptable place in the standings at the end of the tournament.” Let.
Ebrahimi, stating that the club is the new team record in the Azerbaijani Futsal Premier League, said: “Our goal in the club’s long-term plan is to reach the European Futsal League, and we are working in this direction.”
In the end, he criticized the prolongation of the Azerbaijani Futsal Premier League and said: “Unfortunately, the matches have taken time and this has damaged the preparation process of the teams and it is expected that the Football Federation will have better planning for the next season so that the matches are on time.” Begin and finish.

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