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Record head coach: We played against an international team / I am satisfied with the performance of my students

Release date : 2021/10/03

The Iranian coach of the record futsal team, stating that the game against the talented Araz team in the first step of the league was very difficult, said: “Despite the defeat in this game, I am completely satisfied with the performance of my players.”
According to the record of public relations and international affairs of the Record Club, Ebrahim Masoudi said: “Araz team has a prominent and experienced coach and uses Brazilian, Iranian and Azeri players with quality and experience, and the game against this team was very difficult.”
He added: “I think the record team played against an international team at the national level, and due to the limited number of players, we were able to have a good performance against them.”
Masoudi added: “Due to the lack of players, we used the tactics of defense and attack and scored the first goal of the game in the first minutes, and after falling behind, we equalized the game, but by analyzing the strength of the people at the end of the game, we could not get the required result.” do.
The head coach of the record futsal team, expressing hope for the future, said: “Our players presented a good game against the team claiming Araz, and we will definitely provide a better performance with the addition of Azeri players and more coordination in future games.”
It is worth mentioning that the record futsal team lost to Araz Nakhjavan 4: 2 in the first week of the Azerbaijani Futsal Premier League.

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