Record Sports Club

Record Sports Club

A sports club in Baku, Azerbaijan

Development of the activities of the record club in the scientific-educational section

Release date : 2022/03/27

The Record Club of the Republic of Azerbaijan, in addition to team-building in the sports of futsal and football, seeks to develop its activities in the scientific and educational sectors.
According to the record of the club’s record, in this regard, the record club has aimed to hold coaching and football and futsal training courses for this year.
In this regard, due to the two-way relationship of this club with other European clubs, efforts will be made to use the capacity of elite coaches and the high level of these clubs in order to hold coaching and educational courses at different levels.
The goal of the Record Club is to provide these educational services to Azeri trainers and upgrade their scientific level in the first place, and in addition to this approach, it will allocate part of its capacity to interested trainers in neighboring countries.

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