Record Sports Club

Record Sports Club

A sports club in Baku, Azerbaijan

The manager of the club informed: Unveiling of new record club clothes in the near future

Release date : 2021/08/21

The director of the record club of the Republic of Azerbaijan announced the unveiling of the new clothes of this club in the near future.
According to the record of public relations and international affairs of the record club, Reza Ebrahimi said: after various studies and consultations with designers active in the field of sportswear, finally the responsibility of designing the clothes of this club for the upcoming competitions goes to one of the active collections inside Iran was deposited.
He continued: “After various studies and with the finalization of the designs, the process of sewing and preparing them has started by one of the experienced manufacturers, and these clothes will be provided to the club soon.”
Ebrahimi added: “Club elements and the color spectrum of the logo have been seen in the design of these clothes, and I hope we will see good feedback from it.”

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