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Record Sports Club

A sports club in Baku, Azerbaijan

Record Club Manager: We got past the nightmare season / Margins did not allow us to reach the playoffs

Release date : 2022/04/27

The director of the record club of the Republic of Azerbaijan, referring to the sixth place of his team in the Futsal Premier League, said: “We have gone through a nightmarish season and certainly any other team was in our place, with this volume of wild problems would collapse.”
According to the record of the club’s public relations, Reza Ebrahimi stated: “After a two-year break due to the corona outbreak, we experienced our second appearance in the Azerbaijani Futsal Premier League, and I believe that if we did not have bad luck and some strange margins, we could have attended the gathering.” Top 4 teams to reach the playoffs.
He added: “The goal of the club was to attend the course of claiming the championship and reach the playoff stage of the Premier League, and we had a good plan for this important thing. Did not win.
Ebrahimi further explained: “Due to coronary restrictions and the government’s strictness for the movement of foreign nationals, the recruited Iranian players arrived in Baku with a long delay and practically had problems preparing the team.” Some Iranian players left the team for illusory reasons and contrary to professional rules, and practically faced us with a serious challenge during the tournament.
The manager of Record Club continued: “These two problems are enough to face any crisis for any team, but I thank God that thanks to the support of Iranian and Azeri friends and the efforts of the club, we were able to control this crisis to some extent and finally finished the season in sixth place.” Let’s finish.
He added: “Despite all the problems and bottlenecks, the record team had a good technical performance in the competitions and our two players named Matin Ghahremani Hassan Ali Jafari had a dazzling shine in the competitions and if the non-football margins did not reach this team, we could definitely stand.” Let’s present a claimant in Azerbaijani futsal.
Ebrahimi referred to the club’s plans for the new season and said: “Certainly, valuable experience has been gained from the past season, which will be a beacon for us to prepare the team. Motivate us to go to the competitions of the new season.
At the end, the director of Rekord Club asked the officials of the Azerbaijan Futsal League and said: “I think the way of holding and planning the matches should be reconsidered so that we do not see an erosive league. Definitely prolong the matches and create a gap between the weeks for the teams.” It is problematic and you have to think of a solution for it in the new chapter.

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