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Record Sports Club

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A short note from the record club manager on the eve of the New Year

Release date : 2021/12/30

The year 2021 also ended with its big and small events and affected by the epidemic of Corona virus and various mutations.

Although the sport had better conditions compared to the previous year, and with the resumption of various leagues we saw it flourish again, but the coronary restrictions have overshadowed and affected many sports activities.

In Azerbaijan, due to these restrictions, many issues, including sports activities and the reopening of land and air borders and visa issuance, were affected, and as a result, the record club could not achieve its goals and programs in various areas, including training camps. Joint, hold coaching and knowledge training courses and develop academies and sports camps, and only in the futsal and football sections has succeeded in team-building in the Premier League and basic leagues.

Certainly, with the expansion of vaccination in Azerbaijan and the strengthening of public safety against coronary heart disease, there is hope that the record club in the new year will be able to implement its goals in various fields.

In the meantime, the development of cooperation with Iranian sports in various dimensions is considered as a strategic goal of this club and we will try to implement it in the light of the developing relations between the two countries.

To all the people of the world in the new year, I wish a world free of corona, war and injustice, and I hope that this year the record club will be able to fulfill its mission and duty in the development of sports.

With respect
Reza Ebrahimi, director of the record club of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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